What Gardening Tool Is Right For You

So if you are thinking about starting a garden you will need to start with some basic gardening tools. But before you go shopping, you need to ask yourself a few simple but important questions. How big will my garden be? What am I going to plant? Do I want to plant vegetables, flowers or both? How much time am I willing to devote to my garden?

Now that you have determined the size of your garden and what you want to plant, choosing the right garden tools is not only essential, but can make gardening and yard care much easier. Many basic tools can be used for multi-purposes. But keep in mind you get what you pay for. Always buy the highest quality of tools that you can afford. Cheap tools are just thatcheap. They will not last long and you will constantly be replacing them. But high quality does not mean they can be neglected. Proper cleaning and storage of your tools is a must.

The next thing to do is know what gardening tools are essential to your garden. Every garden needs some if not all of the following tools: Shovel, digging fork, spade, rake, hoes, edger, watering can or garden hose and hand pruners.

When selecting your tools, it is important that they are comfortable for you. Check the weight of the tool. If it is too heavy chances are you will avoid using it. If it is too light you will most probably have to use more of your own energy to get the job done. Make sure the tools shaft is straight. High quality wood is usually straight. Do not buy tools with painted handles as they may be hiding a lower quality of wood. And when buying cutting tools, make sure to buy ones with rubber bumpers. When you make the cut, they will absorb all of the shock. And be sure to take care of your hands by purchasing a good set of garden gloves.

Also, consider your size. Short-handled tools may be very uncomfortable for a tall person to use. Longer handles tend to provide more leverage. A good rule of thumb is to try both long and short handle tools to see which works best for you.

If you are planning on a fruit or vegetable garden, there are many farming tools from which to choose. Tilling tools prepare the ground for the seeds. Tilling tools can be small, hand operated tillers. Harvesting farming tools such as a sickle is typically used for harvesting grain crop. A sickle is curved and the inside is sharp so it can draw the blade against the grain of the crop.

Keep in mind there are many gardening tools and farming tools that are Made in the USA. Before making your purchases, do some research and look for high quality tools that are made in the USA. After all, this will certainly help in bringing jobs and prosperity back to the United States of America.