Container Gardens Bring the Benefits of Gardening into Small Spaces

Backyard gardening is growing in popularity every year. Many homeowners who never before considered a garden are now taking up spades, shovels, and watering cans in order to reap the benefits that go along with creating and tending a garden. Gardening is not only a way to create something beautiful for people and animals to enjoy, it is a practical way to provide the family with fresh and nutritionally superior produce. Gardening also offers many health benefits that include increased strength and stamina, decreased stress, and improved flexibility.

Gardening without a Backyard

If you live in an apartment, condo, or other small space, though, you may feel that gardening is not a possibility. How can gardening be accomplished when there is no backyard in which to plant? Apartment dwellers can still reap the benefits of gardening because it can be done on a smaller scale. Container gardening allows you to design and grow beautiful landscapes in miniature that can be easily maintained on a balcony, next to a sunny window, or in a window box.

How to Choose Your Garden Planters

Choosing the right garden planters for your container garden depends on the space available. First, measure the location where you will place the garden planters. Then, decide which shape would work best — circle, square, or rectangle. What material is preferred — natural wood, sturdy resin, metal, or clay? Be sure that the garden planters you decide to use are safe for growing edible plants, if that is your goal.

Planning Your Miniature Garden

After you have chosen your garden planters, decide what you would like to grow in your new garden. Containers can support a wide range of plants, including flowers, vines, grasses, small shrubs, vegetables, and herbs. Not all plants like to live in containers, though, so be sure to choose varieties that will be suitable container plants. Combining different plants in a container provides visual interest: choose plants of varying textures, sizes, and colors to give your container the feel of a “bouquet.” Be sure to choose plants with the same or similar light and water requirements to ensure proper care for all of the plants.

Living in a small space doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the benefits of growing and tending a garden. In fact, container gardening provides some added benefits that traditional gardening cannot offer. Small scale gardening using garden planters costs less and requires less maintenance than larger outdoor gardens, so not only can you enjoy the health benefits of gardening, you can also enjoy saving time and money in the process.

Useful Information Regarding Ficus Retusa Bonsai

Ficus retusa bonsai might be cultivated by newbies in bonsai cultivation. It is also simply grown as being a bonsai tree since it may flourish in inadequate environmental conditions this kind of as inadequate humidity ranges and also inadequate light ranges. That’s the reason it’s a well-known tree species for bonsai due to the fact it really is tolerant in poor conditions and is really a flexible sort of tree, which can also be a great indoor bonsai tree. Suitable understanding will assist you to on breeding a ficus retusa bonsai even you do not have that considerably expertise.

Ficus has more or much less 700 species and also considered one of them is Ficus retusa. Ficus retusa (Ficus microcarpa nitida) is also known as Banyan Fig as well as Taiwan ficus. It really is a native tree discovered in the Southeast Asia. It features a easy grey to reddish bark, and they’ve modest horizontal speckles that look much like the marks around the tiger’s entire body. It has thick trunks as well as it has outstanding aerial roots. In addition , it has oval and dark green leaves.

Ficus retusa bonsai may be brought up from cuttings, seedlings, and air-layers. It must be exposed in a vibrant indirect sunlight. You’ll need to expose it underneath the indirect sun for about 4 to 6 hours. You need to permit the ficus retusa bonsai to become exposed under indirect sunlight subsequent the advised time so that it might make ample foods for the entire tree. It is possible to also utilize a fluorescent lamp as well as location the ficus retusa bonsai beneath it. You can also set it near the window wherever sunshine can pass via it. It really is widely utilized as an indoor bonsai tree since it may stand up to inadequate humidity levels as well as inadequate light ranges.

Ficus retusa is identified in warm tropical forests that’s why it may not endure an extremely cold surroundings. They cannot survive being uncovered to a spot having a temperature below 15 degree Celsius, and that is why it truly is hugely recommended to use it as an indoor bonsai. You can put it outside yet be sure that the local weather is warm as well as when the winter weather comes, you have to hold it indoors. Defend your ficus retusa bonsai from sudden adjustments of temperature because it includes a poor impact around the wellbeing as well as the proper growth of the tiny tree.

Suitable hydration should be noticed when growing a ficus retusa bonsai. It requirements ample amounts of water. It is possible to provide water via spraying two instances each day. You should often examine the problem with the soil, and also you need to not permit it to have dry. Apply a watering container which has great mist nozzle to ensure you may not bother the placement of the soil. Once you water, ensure that it is going to reach the deepest roots and also this really is manifested when water drips out in the drainage holes. Satisfactory supplication of water will hold your little ficus retusa tree healthy and produce stunning aerial roots.

Ficus retusa bonsai requirements normal feeding. You should give fertilizer every single two weeks. You are able to also fertilize it every single week yet give a half strength fertilizer. When winter time arrives, end serving fertilizer for your ficus bonsai. Yet when your bonsai appears weak or unhealthy, you’ll be able to also give fertilizer to help it recover as well as acquire back again its excellent well being. Fertilizers will provide necessary nutrients to allow optimal growth, and also it truly is suggested to employ fertilizers that include high amounts of nitrogen.

Ficus retusa bonsai can tolerate heavy root and top rated pruning. You simply need to provide all its simple needs such as water, sunlight, as well as fertilizer given that they will help its recovery. It can undergo wiring to shape it however you need to be extremely mindful particularly for the duration of the growth peak season due to the fact wires results in unwanted scarring in your bonsai.

You must repot your ficus retusa bonsai each 1 to two a long time because they cultivate fast. However it is possible to check on it frequently to ensure that it is possible to prevent it from experiencing root bound since it could weaken your bonsai tree. Yet another excellent point about ficus retusa is the fact that it is resistant to most pests and also ailments. But you’ll need to examine your bonsai tree on a regular basis, specifically in the course of the growing season, simply because aphids, fungus, thrips, and also scale can contaminate and also infect your tiny ficus retusa tree.

Principles Of Courtyard Garden Design

Courtyard garden design comes with an early back ground extending somewhere throughout the days of the Roman Empire on to past civilizations in the north part of Africa as well as other ancient civilizations. With all of that historical past, it might seem that new ideas just for courtyard design could well be difficult to find. Not really so. The very wonder of garden design or landscaping ideas is definitely the almost endless number of ways that you are able to express your ideas through it.

A particular plus most typically associated with a lot of courtyards is their feeling of intimacy. The area – generally not even a particularly big one – is often outlined with solid borders, quite often by using walls. This clearly defined extent of your courtyard plus the uncompromising character of its boundaries present opportunities youre able to turn to advantage.

A way to get started on courtyard design would be to take into consideration aspect. From where exactly is your courtyard area viewed, and also, what can be viewed from it? If the courtyard is not just looked at from your home, but as well as on to from an upper level, more design possibilities might be created. Are the courtyard design ideas a natural part of how your house will be accessed or could it be a private family region to the side or maybe back of the home? Can it get any decent sunshine, or will it be somewhat more shaded? It may possibly even happen to be that your courtyard garden may have one or two different element to consider — maybe that it is actually some sort of atrium, an outdoors location surrounded on all sides from the home; or maybe it can be a rooftop area over a town property, with still larger buildings close to it.

Yet another way of thinking up designing options with the family as well as your landscaping contractor could be to give some thought to how your courtyard garden shall be used. Concerns here are further having to do with, partly, to all of the issues we posed in the last paragraph. Is this courtyard design chiefly a entry, a leisure spot, or can it fulfill some other type of function? Will it need to be childproof? Does it need to cater for individuals with the kind of disabilities such as impaired eye-sight or limited mobility? Does your house have a pet that will also be taking advantage of this enclosed, private area?

It may be fruitful to look indepth at all the present materials inside of or affecting a courtyard. Are there present doorways or windows to take into consideration? Do services including pipes or wires conduct underneath the courtyard area? Do you have trees or plants you might be wanting to keep? In addition, it is a good idea to consider the foreseeable future to ensure that any management of the courtyard is not going to negatively impact any designs for foreseeable growth.

When these issues are looked over and solutions for the numerous issues have been reached, it is time to get started on planning. There are some limitations you must work with: the most crucial worth mentioning are actually weather, aspect together with size. Having a shaded courtyard in Oregon create way different decisions from the ones made for a sun soaked courtyard garden in a place like California. And possibilities suited to a good-sized courtyard in a rustic ranch setting probably won’t work in the dimensions of something like a six by eight courtyard in a big metropolis.

As soon as you realize the constraints, there are several general things that all courtyard plans work with: entrance and departure areas, horizontal areas, vertical areas as well as focals. The individual procedures may fluctuate according to the restrictions already mentioned, and personal preference and spending budget. Subject to where you are located, the amount you want to invest and just how you intend to utilize your courtyard garden, it is possible to create a useful and great looking spot designed to add appeal to your life-style as well as add more value to your property

An alternative to a Slab Shed Base.

Plastic Shed Base – an alternative to slabs or concrete

There has been many uses for plastic alternatives for a lot of products. A plastic shed base is the latest product to hit the DIY Market by Storm. A plastic shed base grid is injection moulded and produces a strong shed base grid.

A plastic Shed Base is now a popular option to form a permanent shed base in your garden. Not only is it more popular and easy to install – you will find that there are other reasons to use a plastic shed base too.

To form the area needed for your shed, the shed base is assembled using a a grid of 600mm X 600mm grids. Weighing in at less than 2 kg, each shed base grid is a dream to use and light to carry – and will not break if you drop it.

Made from strong reformed injection molded plastic the shed base grids will least for years, they can also be taken up again and moved if need be – as many times as you like.

Constructing a plastic shed base:

Work out the size of the area the shed base will cover and you should ensure that it is free from debris or holes. There is no need to dig any foundations as you would for a slab or cement shed base, you will need to ensure that you have a reasonably level surface though. If there are any parts of the area which are lower or have indentations in them simply fill them with some sand the shed base grid will sit on top of sand.

When you are happy with the area that the shed base grid will be laid upon, the next job is to lay the membrane down to prevent weed growth under the shed base and damaging the wooden shed.

Once the membrane is down you simply need to lock the shed base grids together, even for a 10 X 10 shed base area, you will be done in minutes. Its that easy. Once you are happy with the shed base, simply follow the manufacturers instructions to build your shed. The shed base grids lock together using a simple peg insert.

As well as being easy to use, the plastic shed base has the following benefits:

– No heavy lifting involved this will of course make it easier to lay the shed base yourself and not have to employ a builder at a cost.

– The shed base is robust and durable

– This plastic system for the shed base can be re-located with ease

– The plastic shed base grids allow the air to circulate through underneath the shed. This allows for good ventilation on the base of the wooden shed and helps prevent rotting.

– The shed base will not store water or moisture like a concrete or slab shed base this will also help prevent any deterioration of the wooden shed.

– Being lightweight you can practice your design or location of the shed base without making any permanent decisions unlike slabs or concrete.

– The Shed base grid system can be laid in minutes, meaning you can build your shed and the shed base all in the same day.

The Plastic shed base in summary

Cost effective shed base system which is very Easy to lay and can be completed DIY. There is no Permanent damage to the underneath surface and it allows ventilation within the shed base. It provides a very strong structure for a shed base which can be relocated.

Automatic Seeds(semillas Autoflorecientes) – An Effective Gardening Invention

Agriculture as an industry has seen massive transformation & radical changes in the past two decades. It has not just changed face in the past two decades, but has also devised various plans, innovative products & services, together with several supplementary developments to improve quality and enhance quantity. From various traditional procedures like step farming, distant and rotational cultivation, science has helped us with other techniques like auto-cropping, seed germination, farming techniques & procedures etc. Various scientific developments have led to excellent crop quality, brilliant seed texture and promising production per crop. One can pick the quantity and texture of seeds according to their requirement.

The increase in demand and want for more revenues have led to discoveries and innovations for example automatic seeds (semillas autoflorecientes) & growing tents(Armarios de cultivo). These growing tents work on the scientific practice of utilizing optimum water and elements of sunlight to make a specific quality of plant inside a specific time. It is among the important discoveries of botanical culture. The newest of these growing tents(Armarios de cultivo) offer all sort of services starting with mother plant dissection, cutting, and growth, seeding, and flowering. Growing tents(Armarios de cultivo) work on the simple mechanism of judiciously utilizing sun rays and taking advantage of these to maximize plants growth and upbringing. This works beneficially for the saplings texture, requirement, colour etc.

The concept of automatic seeds(semillas autoflorecientes) really comes from the cultivation of marijuana, which is a drug of severe nature. These seeds result in a increase in quantity of plantations that are fertilized by the use of automatic seeds(semillas autoflorecientes). These automatic seeds are common as a trend only because they automatic seeds are highly psychoactive and therefore are in a position to fully restore the aroma of the seed in the plant. Automatic Seeds usually lead to germination of automatic plants which will skyrocket in no time to be a planters delight! Unlike the standard seeds that take usually 10-13 weeks to blossom into a sapling, these automatic seeds germinate and burst into a bud between the 3rd and also the 5th week. It goes beyond saying that an automatic seed is super advantageous for that yield. If these high-quality automatic seeds(semillas autoflorecientes) are given the chance to breed in outdoor conditions the resultant yield is further promising in quality and type!

You could also couple the fertilization of automatic seeds using the conducive environment of growing tents(Armarios de cultivo). If you invest intelligently, you can pick up growing tents that allows you various adjustable plantation settings. Aside from enhancing the concentration of light and improving its distribution, these growing tents(Armarios de cultivo) also allow top-spread panting, bottom spread setting, and mutually independent setting. This permits improvement in the weave from the plant culture. Thus for these dope plants, automatic seeds are the most useful bets, since they retain the plants strong aroma, and its exotic touch and tempting flavour. Combine it with growing tents ambience providing you with full comfort, light-tight, water-proof and pre-equipped ventilation facility and its carbon filters, and thermal insulation, they are perfect for your the development and growth and development of plants and germination of automatic seeds.

How To Get Rid Of Slugs

I planted my lettuce this year and it grew wonderfully, until I picked them and there were slugs insides. So I had to find a tried and true way to get rid of slugs in my garden naturally, without using harm chemicals and pesticides.

Slugs are those slimy creatures that come out at night and leave a trail of shiny slime behind them. Slugs will devour your vegetables, like my lettuce and they also like some plants.

There are some that like to keep slugs as pets, yes….well to each his own, right?

Getting rid of slugs can be as easy as crushing up egg shells and adding the crushed egg shells to your soil. Egg shells are also a great addition to help compost the soil. My mom used egg shells in all her house plants.

Crush the egg shells into small pieces, till or mix into your soil or place around the bottom of your plant

The egg shells act as shards of glass and the slugs will avoid attacking your lettuce and plants. I recommend adding the crushed egg shells to the soil and till before you plant.

Give the slimy creatures a Beer to help get rid of slugs in your garden. Yes, it really does work. There was a study done at Colorado State University , yep a study, on the best brand of beer that slugs like the most. Kingsbury Malt and Budweiser came out on top, but you can use any beer.

My slugs like Bud Light, it’s what we drink in our home and we like to share. Don’t use stale beer, the slugs like it just as much as we do! Wait until dusk and fill an old margarine tub top with beer and place on top of the soil as close to the damaged plants as possible. The next morning they should be filled with dead drunken slugs.

If you are not a beer drinker and don’t want to spend money on beer for your slimy friends. Spritz your slugs with some coffee. Research has found caffeine to be very effective at deterring slugs. Save your old coffee from the morning and spray them full strength directly on the beasts in the evening. You can even place your coffee grounds around your plants to deter the slugs.

Slugs get shocked when they touch copper. You can buy ready made copper guards or use pennies to get rid of slugs in your garden. Place pennies around your plants to keep our slimy friends from a feast on your garden.

Place some old wooden planks between your garden beds. Our slimy slugs will crawl underneath to hide from the sun. In the morning lift the boards and the slugs will be on the boards. Scrape the slimy slugs from the board into a bucket and dispose of.

Even better is placing a newspaper wet with sugar water to even further lure our slimy creatures. This will keep the slugs our to your garden

Ann Cohen is an organic garden who loves to share her tips and tricks about organic gardening. Don’t miss more tips on how to get rid of slugs in your garden and organic gardening tips at How To Get Rid Of Slugs

Box Trailers Sydney – Having Your Tipping Box Trailer For Your Gardening Work

I have written a little about trailers in a general sense and much more about car trailers and box trailers.

I found something much more interesting about tipping box trailers and their use in gardening. Since I love my garden I enjoy having my gardening hours through the weeks. However I identify a problem of mine. Every time I have to distribute soil to my garden or new plants to be planted I come to difficulties about transporting them.

Although they say that the tipping trailers are often used on farms as a towed vehicle for tractors and vehicles alike, generally they are built for heavy duty types of work that will last even in the rough ground.

After I followed my “examine process for buying box trailer” I decided to buy one tipping box trailer from Box Sydney Trailers based company since they provide me with all the information about trailers in general use but specifically for box trailers. Having the options to choose from extensive range of sizes, taking into consideration the loading ratings, I was offered to customize my trailer on how I will accommodate my needs.

I examined my needs and therefore chose one of many tipping box trailers . Since there are many types of trailers which can be operated with hydraulics, manually or even with use of electricity I decided for one with a hydraulic operation. That way I would ease my job and save energy.

Further, since I am aware of the fact that any metal objects exposed to the harsh weather conditions will rust if it is not painted, so I decided to have a galvanized one even though it is an expensive option. It will be protected in rain and snow conditions also working with water wont harsh it. Surely galvanized trailers will last longer than others because painted trailers unfortunately with one scratch can affect a process of rusting.

Every trailer is built to provide safety. It doesn’t matter what is the carrying volume of your load and the kind of applications you carry on. So whether you are a tradesman or a weekend gardener as I like to call myself, once you find the perfect box trailer that suits you best your tasks will become much easier.

The Advantages Of An Electronic Rain Gauge

It is not just for calculating rainfall, an electronic rain gauge is much more. There’s possibly no better way to awaken your or your kids internal weather fanatic than by having one. Your portable weather station will not be complete without one, and with regards to learning it is a great tool.

Perhaps you built your own rain gauge, or helped your children make one for a school project. How accurate do you think it is. If accuracy matters to you, you probably know an electronic rain gauge will never be beaten. They are ideal devices for a school and seats of learning and education. Taking into consideration those factors, if you are looking for a rain gauge the obvious choice is an electronic rain gauge. Hands on experience of these weather evaluation tools helps build up a better understanding of exactly how weather works and various weather patterns.

As you look at more complex models you’ll find some include additional capabilities including the ability to calculate spillage. For people who want to keep a close watch on rainfall patterns and are more concerned with rainfall patterns going haywire worldwide, this is an ideal tool to start with. Perhaps your portable weather station measures the heat index and wind speed. That’s not adequate. If you don’t determine precipitation amounts you aren’t gaining all the details you need.

Here’s another interesting and yet typical use. Many people like to use weather devices as part of their home decor. It’s for those who have the trendiest hobbies as well as those interested in home decor!

It’s also beneficial in gardening information and gives an overview of the soil pattern one could anticipate at their area. Plus understanding how much it rained is critical to decide how much water you have to add, if any. This is true for a master gardener or anyone with a little vegetable garden in their backyard.

And if you don’t want to run outside on a stormy night to gather and document your data, be sure to select one with a wireless data transmission base. Wireless bases can supply live data, directly to your living area! A tracking range of hundred feet will display accurate precipitation rates along with outdoor temperatures.

A newer model electronic rain gauge has additional features such as temperature and humidity measurement sensors. Those functions will not be necessary obviously if you are presently obtaining those measurements via some other equipment.

You can buy one of many rain measurement devices on the market, and even regular tools are good. They’re just not as precise. Regular units also will not track and record your data. If you are a serious weather nut, or simply need the information to be sure your garden or yard are receiving the proper amount of water, an electronic gauge is definitely your best selection.

Garden Supplies Are Where Your Joy Of Gardening Begins!

You finally managed to buy that dream house you always wanted, a house with a nice garden and lawn but if you are looking forward to create a wonderful outdoor space and to develop your gardening skills, then there are some things you definitely need: garden supplies. Besides the basic garden tolls, such as shovels, hoes, pruners and spading forks, which definitely have to be on your shopping list, garden supplies have the main role of protecting you and your plants. So, which are the most important garden supplies that should not miss from a gardeners equipment?

First of all, your hands will be the ones which will do the job in your lawn and garden. Therefore, they need to be protected with the help of some garden gloves. After all, who wants to get blisters or even injuries from gardening? So, you should select a pair of durable, resistant and comfortable gloves that you should wear when gardening or when using lawn tools. Moreover, your gardening gloves should be made of a soft synthetic fabric, such as Lycra spandex and they should definitely be washable, since they will get dirty quite fast. And when you are shopping for garden gloves, you should also stop by the garden aprons section and get one, since it will prove to be very useful when gardening.

A garden tools organizer, also called garden tools holder is the one thing you need in case you are trying to keep your garden tools in order. You can find both light holders and heavy duty garden tools holders, holders on rolls, with removable canvas satchels and other such appealing features. What else do you need? We all know that we need seeds and pesticides in order to obtain the flower garden we desire. But which are the best pesticides out there? For example, a good choice is represented by the neem oil, the oil that can function as an excellent bio-pesticide and that can efficiently keep all the insects away from your garden.

All the above garden supplies are strictly essential and functional, they are the items you definitely need in order to proceed with your lawn care and gardening activities. But there are other ranges of garden supplies that have more decorative purposes and that can basically enhance the look of your lawn and garden. Which are these ornamental garden supplies? Well, from flower pots to concrete planters and garden urns, from torches and candles to outdoor tableware and from fountains to hanging flower baskets, you can find anything you desire in order to enhance the look of your lawn garden.

A nice looking garden is not simply limited to beautiful plants and colored flowers. If you are truly creative and in search of the perfect style for your outdoor space, including your lawn, garden and patio, then you can use decorative elements to create a welcoming ambient, a space where you can spend quiet and peaceful moments in the middle of the nature. You can create a perfect light and atmosphere using outdoor candles, you can coordinate the nuances of your flowers with the decorative garden planters or you can combine the rustic wood of the flower pots with your wooden garden shed. With the help of the right garden supplies, you will manage to create that outdoor space that you always wanted. Whether youre gardening as a hobbyist, or professionally, garden supplies sourced correctly will make your success that much closer. Enjoy your gardening sessions and admire your results!

Greying Tigers

Greying tigers, the generation of over 65s who are becoming a more powerful generation in the market place. This is the generation that has seen all the changes take place and are reminiscent of the good old days.

They remember when the wallflowers were sold wrapped in newspaper and they remember the price. This is a generation looking for nostalgia and is very price aware.

This is still a generation that are loyal to many garden centres and dare one say it, but because of their loyalty they may be putting young people off visiting the same establishments.

This is a generation that we cannot ignore, but have to fit them into a marketing scenario that meets all generation needs.

Many garden centers have realized there is an opportunity, especially where they can get involved in celebrating the Red Hat Society as an event in the garden center. If you are not aware of this society, I recommend you check them out on the web. This is a growing group and a great way of introducing fun into our garden center with this generation.

Greying Tigers are the most adventurous retired generation that has ever been and as a result will experiment in there gardens. They are the nostalgia market and this is a huge opportunity for any garden centre who wishes to develop nostalgic promotional opportunities. Why not have a corner in the garden center for nostalgic products and plants.

Garden centers who are looking to attract this market need to be less abled friendly and have plenty of seating located around the center. The coffee shop needs to be price aware; many price decisions are made by judging the price of a cup of tea.

Many centers are allocating special days for this generation; I have one client who has built their traffic on a quiet day by promoting to this group. My local shopping center actually takes a mini bus around the local retirement homes on a Thursday. They invite people to the shopping center, provide them with a complimentary cup of tea and let them shop. This has proved to be very successful, not only to the target market, but has also grown community support for the center. The same concept could be applied to a garden center.

They may be lower spenders, but on quieter days that can make a difference. The Greying Tigers are also often collectors and this is also an opportunity to provide them with collection pieces, the gift market especially has developed this market, but the same could be applied to cacti and other plant products.


Ensure your garden center is less abled friendly. Have parking for the less abled in a prime location in your car park

Have a wheel chair available, but more important encourage your team to get in it and go around the garden center, this will give them an opportunity to experience it and make appropriate changes to the customer flow

Have plenty of seating located at locations around the garden centre

Promote nostalgia plants at key locations around the garden center and use words like remember and Nostalgia on the signage

Make sure signs are bold and simple; eyes fail as we get older

Ensure your cash point team are greying tiger friendly and are prepared to help .have a help service to the car for the less abled


Place delicate products in locations where frail hands may drop them

Talk down, this generation has a lot of background knowledge, especially on gardening self and will not consider the container as such an important element as, for example generation X

Put all your container plants in expensive containers, this generation will purchase plants for the plants it