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Don’t Set Goals, GET Goals – A Simple 4-Step Process to Get Any Goal – Guaranteed!

I love the idea of setting new goals… new income goals, new goals for relationships, new fitness goals, weigh loss goals, etc. I always feel really good when I’ve cleared the slate and determined a new achievement I want for myself. We all do, right?

Many people stop right at the beginning… they set a goal and then HOPE that they can get their goals. What if we could take the HOPE right out of the picture and KNOW that we can get to our goals? We can!

4 Steps to GET Your Goals

Step One – Identify what your goals are. This sounds really simple, but most people don’t even know what they want. There are a TON of really great goal-setting programs all over the web. Pick one, and spend some time developing your goals. Then write your goals down. There is real power and magic in writing your goals down. Don’t believe me? Google “Harvard Goal Writing Study” and see for yourself.

Step Two Be present, all the time, with your goal. Be aware of what you are looking to achieve.

Step Three EVERYTIME you are faced with a decision, ask yourself, “Is the result of this decision going to take me closer, or further away, from my goal?” Let me repeat that “IS THE RESULT OF THIS DECISION GOING TO TAKE ME CLOSER, OR FURTHER AWAY, FROM MY GOAL?”

Step Four Never leave a decision un-acted upon. This is truly important. You must take the required action to get any goal. This can be the most difficult step. If your goal is to lose weight and you are presented with a choice between a beautiful vintage red wine and water, it can be extraordinary difficult to choose to drink water. However, if you continue to make goal-oriented choices, you will reach your goals!


Written by: Karla Silver

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Some Surefire Tips For Home Improvement Success

Are you a beginner when it comes to home improvement? If you have no idea how to make home improvements, you’re not the only one. There is nothing strange about that, but there are things that can help. Read on for some great home improvement advice.

You can easily make your ceiling look higher. You can put a lengthy floor lamp in the room or install striped wall paper. When you do that to your rooms, there is an optical illusion your eyes must follow. The eyes will naturally focus on following all lines upward towards the ceiling, which will seem higher as a result.

Make sure to dust your home accessories at least once a week. If you live in a dusty home, you will be more likely to develop allergies later in life. Dusting gets rid of stray dust particles, as well as spiders, ants, and other living invaders.

To make a quick, easy improvement, go grab a gallon or two of paint. Adding some new paint to a home can give it a new appearance, which doesn’t really cost you a whole lot of money or time. A fresh paint job can boost the appeal of your house to potential homebuyers, in case you are thinking of selling.

Having the right lighting in a room can make a huge difference. Bright rooms are ideal to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Putting in an additional light fixture can really brighten up a room. Add some brightness to a darker space and you will feel better in the whole home.

Mounting a coat rack can be a pretty way to display and store your bracelets and necklaces. Because this design element will likely be near a door, use only inexpensive jewelry. Using creative displays to hang your jewelry can become a nice, decorative element and also protect your jewelry from tangles or breakage. Keep the few pieces of jewelry that you wear more often in front and close at hand.

Think about adding insulation to your home. Windows and doors should all be weather-stripped. You can cut costs when you prevent air from escaping and coming in your home. You will also end up saving quite a bit of money on your next energy bill.

Do not underestimate the amount of effort that your project will require. Sit down and make a list of everything you have to do. It is also smart to have a second opinion; you might have missed something in your initial assessment. You can save more money if you are clear about everything that needs doing.

If your new home is in a suburban area located next to undeveloped or thickly wooded land, consider investing in a tall wooden or chain-link fence around the perimeter of your backyard. This will keep animals out of your yard.

While it may seem complicated to do home improvement projects, it’s actually easy. Yes, it requires a certain degree of effort, but what doesn’t? Small jobs are out there, as well. Now that you know how, you’re ready to try.

Starting A Home Bakery

When starting a home bakery you need to bear in mind, first of all, that baking bread, cake, pie or cookies for a special occasion can be great fun. But to make money in a home baking business you have to bake your specialty many times a week, over and over again. In other words, you must first come to grips with the fact that “commercial” baking is work, good and lucrative work, but quite different from once-in-a-while party baking.

Starting a home bakery business is relatively easy. Let’s say your specialty is a delicious, rich cheesecake. The first step, before soliciting one order, is to figure out exactly how much one cake costs you. This means calculating every ingredient, including the fraction of a pound of butter you use to grease your cake pan and the cost of power to bake your cake. Breaking costs down to the price per egg and the price per cup of flour is more complicated than it seems at first. And once you’ve figured the exact cost of all the ingredients you’ll probably be surprised to find out how expensive your cake has been, not counting your labor. Now take the cost you’ve arrived at and double it. That will be your selling price. Don’t be shocked to discover that your selling price for one cheesecake could be as high as $6 or more, and don’t be discouraged. People expect to pay more for homemade baked goods because there is just no commercial product that can compare.

Your objective in selling your baked goods is to line up as many regular customers as possible. This means your primary effort should be directed to local restaurants, delicatessens and small groceries. The idea here is to line up customers who will take a weekly quantity of your product, as opposed to individuals who buy one cake at a time for a special occasion. Once you’ve established your “institutional” buyers then there will be time to think about advertising for direct sales to consumers.

Visit restaurants and stores with your samples in hand. You will get more attention from the owner of the establishment if you visit during the quieter hours of the day (not at mealtime). Offer to leave one of your products as a test. If your cake is as good as you’ve been told by family and friends you should get a large order when you call back in a few days. Once your baked product has become a regular feature in several outlets, the biggest problem you’ll probably be facing is how to keep up with the demand.

At some point you will have to come to a decision about how large you want your business to be. The danger, of course, is the loss of home-baked quality. Don’t be tempted to “cheat” on the ingredients, even slightly, because discerning customers will catch on soon enough.

With a modest start in your own kitchen, using the cost structure outlined above, you should be able to earn $100 a week or more after paying for ingredients. When you get to the point of adding commercial ovens and a staff of helpers your income could jump to $800 a week or more.

A final suggestion: Stick to baked goods you know are proven winners. If your specialty is a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate layer cake, don’t assume that anything you turn out of your oven will be an automatic best seller. Venture into related baked goods cautiously and only after careful taste-testing.

Market Gardening Success Secrets For The New Grower

If you are a first time market gardener, or thinking about market gardening as a career, there are important ‘success secrets’ you must follow for your garden and your business to thrive.

Success Secret 1: Sell before you sow.

There is more to market gardening than just planting some seed in the ground. You have to market, plan and manage your garden as well. Notice that marketing comes first; you should know how, where and to whom you will sell your produce before you plant it.

In fact, the best marketing approach for a small market garden is the Community Supported Agriculture model. In this model, customers basically subscribe to your market garden, paying you in advance for a season’s worth of fresh vegetables. You deliver the vegetables weekly throughout the season, but get the money up front. This is important cash flow early in the season, to pay for seed and supplies.

Success Secret 2: Seed is cheap, buy lots.

Seed will be one of your lowest expenses, so don’t skimp om your seed order. Seed houses often run out of some varieties later in the season, so don’t wait to order, or expect you can find seeds when you need them. Order more than you think you will need up front. Most seeds keep for several years, so little will be wasted if you don’t use it all that same season.

Success Secret 3: Sow frequently.

As a market gardener, your income depends on selling vegetables weekly throughout the season. This means you have to harvest vegetables weekly throughout the season. Sow often, and sow a lot. Make more than one planting of everything, even the crops that produce all season e.g. indeterminate tomatoes, so you have a backup if something happens to the first planting. Crops like lettuce and other greens need to be sown weekly.

Success Secret 4: Stretch the season.

Your growing season will be a lot longer than your harvesting season. You will be starting plants weeks and months before your first harvest. Unless you are in a really beneficial climate, i.e. warm and sunny year-round, you will need a facility to start and grow your transplants. This might be a heated greenhouse or a plant-starting room with heat and artificial light.

You will need to learn to grow healthy transplants in these environment. Remember it can take 8-12 weeks for some seeds to grow into plants you can set out in your garden. If you lose a batch in the greenhouse, you better have another one coming along behind it, or you lose the season for that crop (remember Success Secret 3.)

Success Secret 5: Start now.

No matter what time of year it is, you can get started on your first market garden. You can read about market gardening, find seed catalogs, and start planning and laying out your first garden. You can contact friends, neighbors and co-workers to see if they might like to subscribe to your garden. You can start working on an advertising flyer to market your garden. Whatever the task, don’t wait to get started on your market gardening dream.

Why Bother Doing Annual Gutter Cleaning Or Hiring A Gutter Cleaning Service

Why would you want to go out in the cold outdoors and drag your longest ladders out of the garage. Get your gardening gloves on, pull your wife or children out of the house to help hold the ladders and then start the dirty job of cleaning the rain gutters of your house?

Why indeed! Many people in the UK have not bothered and I get to see the results because I own a gutter cleaning service that is having to pick up the pieces. First of all you need to know what collects in the rain water conduit system if you don’t do an annual clean. On your roof there are roof tiles and these are eroded by rain water during the year and then tiny partcles wash off anf end up, guess where?

Yes, they should wash away but because they are heavy they stick in the bottom and cling onto the sides and then moss rolls in and sticks to the sludge that has built up there. Now twigs, seeds, and leaves and any airborne flora and fauna collect in your gutter system.

I have not mentioned that old repairs of rubber sealant often break loose, the soil from the moss and the lichens and other things do run away a little, just enough to get caught in the bend in the top of the downpipe resulting in a collection of highly fertile debris nestling in the downpipe or even above it if you have leafguards in the mouth of the downpipe.

Now the gutter is going to become a beautiful microgarden that you will not see. The entire system is often laden down with heavy soil, sludge and vegetation. The weight of course pulls the entire structure and put it under such strain that the gutters bend, the joints decompose, the brackets snap and warp. Really the whole system needs to be replaced but of course to the uneducated eye, it all looks fine.

Actually people never look up when it rains and if they did they would see rain not flowing down the gutter but pouring onto the brickwork and eroding it, washing away the mortar and seeping slowly into nooks and crannies in the roof space, the walls, the woodwork.

If you leave it long enough to see the damage with the naked eye then you will be unhappy to learn from a builder that it is too late and the internal damage is going to be considerable and you will need to spend a small fortune on getting the walls rerendered, the wood replaced, the guttering replaced.

Of course if you don’t fancy doing the work yourself then type something like gutter cleaning London into a search engine and get a company to do the work.
Hope I persuaded you to do something about it and not ignore it until next year.

Who Is a Combi Boiler Suitable For

There are lots of different boiler systems available, including combination boilers (combi boilers), system boilers and open vent boilers. Each of these systems has pros and cons, and when you are purchasing a system for your house, you should always consider all the options before committing to a purchase. However, combi boilers are better sorted to some homes and business than others.

If you have a limited amount of space in your house, a combi boiler may be a great option for your home. A combination boiler is so named, because it combines a water heater system with the central heating system, so there is no need to have two separate devices to do these tasks, meaning that you save a lot of space in your home. This type of boiler does not require a cold water storage tank or a tank to store pre-heated hot water, meaning that you save even more space over a boiler system like an open-vent system. There is also no need to have a large loft area where the cold water storage tank would have to be sited. This frees up valuable space in homes where there is already only a limited amount of space available.

These boilers are also great for people who do not want to have an unsightly boiler spoiling the decor of their home. Although everyone has to have a boiler or other heating device, some people do not like to be able to see them. A combi boiler is small enough to fit into an average-sized kitchen or bathroom cupboard, so it can be kept out of sight, but is also easy to access if you need to get access to the boiler for a service check.

Combi Boilers systems are also good for people who have to live with a very tight energy budget. The boilers heat water very efficiently, and the fact that there is no need to have heated water sitting around in a tank, means that heat energy is not wasted as it escapes from the inactive tank.

Although combi boilers are great for the needs of some households, there are places where this type of boiler may not be the best option available. Although combi systems are great at instantly heating water for hot water taps, there are limitations to the amount of water which can be heated at any given time. If you live in a home where two or more bathrooms may be in use at the same time, a combi boiler system may not be appropriate for you, as it will struggle to produce enough heat for all users. These boilers may also be unsuitable for areas where there is very low water pressure, because all water is delivered at the same water pressure as that of the mains. In some places, it is possible to get a device which increases the water pressure enough so that it is suitable for use with a combi boiler, but this is not suitable for everyone.

Corner Pantry Advantages And Disadvantages

For some designs of the kitchen, the corner store may be a good way to add storage space. Can be covered by the door, or leave the door open, so the items inside are exposed and displayed. A corner store is a type of kitchen cabinets that can be either small, designed to accommodate the food non-perishable, or long enough to hold mops and brooms.

Regardless of their size, and corner store makes use of space that would otherwise be lost, such as behind the door. This type of storage offers some of the advantages and disadvantages of more than a store cupboard of the type normal.

Everything nearby

With the corner store, everything is in or near the front of the shelves. This means that you do not return to long years in the cabinet or drawer to make installation easier access. This also means that items will not be pushed back and forgotten. By the same angle and displays the unique dimensions and sizes.

Easy to install

If you have purchased the corner store by the system and then compile and install is a breeze. For the most part, it is installed like any Council of Ministers, which was launched in the wall studs with screws simple.

Less storage space

While you are in to take advantage of some unused space, and you are still limited in what you can do with it. If you decide to close it down, you need shelving corner, which can reduce the storage space usable. That is raised the actual square footage that you can use to store material once you establish the doors or walls.

A walk in the store cupboard, on the other hand, will allow you to shelving box which gives extra space for storage and organizational units and systems.

Tough construction

If you are building a store on the corner of their own, and will face the task of building shelves, doors and walls in the corners of strange. This can present some unique challenges that are probably not part of building a regular walk in the store cupboard.

A corner store design is circumstantial. If your kitchen does not have room for a walk in closet, you will need to take advantage of the available space. Can shelving unit and corner to corner to make storage space unusable.

Traditional House Plans

A classic design shelter is beautiful, elegant and will be forever attractive and cutting edge as ever. That is so true. Traditional houses are less complicated and simple but their overall appearances are elegant and attractive. In addition, traditional houses are valued at higher appraisals. That is enough reason why you want to erect a traditional house.

But before you immerse yourself to traditional house plans, there are issues that you have to resolve first and they are further discussed next.

Do you really want traditional house plans?

Asking this question is very essential because it is where you discover and find out if whether or not you like traditional house plans. Finding out on what you really desire of house plans is a way to earn complete satisfaction because if you like what you chose, you will end up liking the result as well. However, if you do not like what you chose, you will end up being frustrated. So you have to know first if you really want traditional house plans or not so that you will be satisfied at the end for you know for a fact that you made the right choice.

What type of traditional house plans you are looking for?

Designs of traditional house plans may vary. It is important that you have a specific design of a traditional house plan you want to acquire so that when you are given with numerous choices of traditional house plans, you know what to choose for you have a specific design that you want to obtain. Thus, knowing the design of a traditional house plan you want to obtain is important to reckon.

Do you want huge traditional house plans or small traditional house plans?

Different people have different choices so are you? Therefore, you have to know first if whether you aspire for huge traditional house plans or small traditional house plans. Knowing what size do you prefer for traditional house plans is an advantage on your part because you know exactly if how big or small traditional house plans should you handpick. Thus, you will feel confident that you are going to obtain correct traditional house plans.

To preview quality house plans, please explore today!

Grow tents are ideal for hydroponic gardening

Are you looking for grow tents? If you are interested in hydroponic gardening then grow tents will ensure that your crops are a success. Grow tents will help you to produce lots of plants in a really small space so they are perfect for the hydroponic gardener who wants to grow a lot but has not much space to do it in. The great thing about these tents is that your plants will really thrive as they are kept safe and snug in an environment that is perfect for them. What else should I consider when buying grow tents? Obviously, when you buy grow tents, you need to make sure that you have everything that you need and that the grow tents you choose are easy to use. They should have lightweight but sturdy frames so that they are easy to erect and they should also have all of the fittings included for the lights that you may need. They should also be easily accessible with zipped panels so that you can get at your plants whenever you want to. Reflective linings should come as standard so that your plants can have all of the light that they need to grow properly. Where is the best place to buy grow tents? When it comes to finding the very best selection of grow tents, there is one name which really stands out from the rest. Money Tree Hydroponics is the place to go for a fantastic selection of grow tents together with everything you need for all of your hydroponic. Not only is the choice they offer outstanding but their prices are amazing as well. If you would like to find out more about what they offer for the keen hydroponic gardener, why not contact them today. Alternatively, you can browse their products online at www.moneytreehydro.co.uk.

Best Way To Create Free Energy At Home

Magniwork Generator is totally free power system using magnets to get electrical energy. By means of making use of permanent magnet force without some other energy source, for instance liquid, temperature, sunshine, fossil fuel and also wind, this kind of power generator can easily induce continuous motion and generate totally free electricity. Listed below are only some of the benefits of Magniwork magnetic power generator:

* It helps to save 25%-40% on your own power costs and even entirely avoid it.
* It is rather eco-friendly as well as will not pollute the surroundings or perhaps utilize beneficial sources.
* The device is totally risk-free, because it is not flammable or combustible.
* It won’t need replacing as time passes just like some other renewable energy methods (such as solar cells).
* The dimensions of your property makes no difference. It may be put in everywhere, since it does not require a lots of area.
* No matter whether it really is cool or perhaps very hot. This gadget can be employed in all climate conditions.

It really is clear that this kind of method is significantly better than other things. Consider solar panel systems, as an example. To be able to operate they depend on natural light, so they really might not perform during gloomy days. To the contrary, free energy generator can easily generate energy non-stop 24 / 7, due to the fact that permanent magnet power is constantly accessible.

Creating your own personal system now is easier than you may be thinking, nevertheless , you must very carefully research the plans and also refer to the manual. Materials you’ll require are quite low-cost and may be purchased at any local home improvement center. You’ll not require any kind of unique equipment, simply common house instruments, just like a screwdriver. Usually the unit would likely cost you around $10.000, however , if you make that by yourself you will spend about $100. Obviously, for those who like to create 100% of the electricity you may have to develop yet another product plus the cost will probably rise to $200.